Welcome & Congratulations!

Welcome & Congratulations!

Speaking motherhood is a whole new language that only mothers understand. Together we can create a more inclusive, loving, and supportive network because raising children takes a village. At Moms Go To Durham we create programs, events, and educational workshops to help you on your journey. We understand what it’s like to be moms, because we are moms. Whether you just had a baby, pregnant or have a few children, Moms Go To Durham is here to help you.

We are three words; Community, Inclusive, and Supportive

As Jemi always says “You are home with me”

The Story

Hi! I’m Jemi Smith, owner of Moms Go To Durham. You may know me from my photos on social media or through one of our events, either way, it has lead you here. Congrats on your amazing journey! There will be lots of ups and downs but we are here to help you through it all. I grew up in Pickering and currently reside in Oshawa. I have what’s called a blended family with an 11 year-old stepson, a 3 year boy and another 1 one year old boy. My family is very active and busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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Why did I start this community?

Durham Region has a vast number of programs and resources for moms and their children but there is no place to learn about all of them. This is where we come in. I created this group because I believe that moms should build each other up and support each other. I have been to many programs and once the program finished, there was no one to reach out and make connections with. I’ve been to mom groups and no one even said hi to me. It was so heartbreaking because I didn’t really have many mom friends and I wanted to meet new moms. Moms Go To Durham has been a place for me to really grow out of my comfort zone and create a place where all moms can feel safe and loved. We are a place to accept all moms. Our programs are mostly free because they are hosted by volunteers with the same wish as I did, to meet new moms. Lots of our moms have grown very close bonds and that’s what we’re all about. Together we are stronger and together we can diminish postpartum depression. You can make a home in the seat right next to me. Always.

Our Programs

Stroller Walks

Weekly Stroller Walks for moms to get exercise, meet new moms, and make new friends. We meet in the mall during cooler months and outside in warmer months. Right now we are running Oshawa, North Ajax, and Pickering. Check out the events calender for more details.

Coffee & Baby

This is another weekly event where moms get to meet other moms. We casually talk over coffee and dessert about whatever we’d like. Sometimes it’s about what we are struggling with, sometimes it’s to celebrate what our children are doing. The main part is that we are creating bonds and the babies can socialize. There will be baby toys to play with and baby books for moms to read to their babies as well.

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