Welcome to our new look. Do you like it? We are evolving and growing into something new and exciting and we have you to thank you for it. Starting something different is always a scary thing but with all of you supporting us, I can’t help it but find the courage to push through.

Moms Go To Durham started off as a blog. I blogged about places I liked to take my kids and events within our community. From there it grew to programs, workshops, and most importantly, a community that I felt was needed and not available. This is not just a website to look for events but a place where you can feel validated as a mom. We are growing, we are evolving, and we are moving with the needs of our community.

When I started this website, my youngest was only 3 weeks. I had a vision and a will for something that was not there for me and my children. Even just after having a baby, I participated in BACD’s Second Start. This was a government funded program for participants over 30. I had all the information and the resources I needed to go full-force into creating Moms Go To Durham. I went and bought my business license and away I went!

By: Jemi Smith

What did it take for me to get this website and mom community running?

  1. Support and knowledge-This is BACD for me. They helped me with any of my questions any time I need it.
  2. A business license– To make everything official , I opted for a business license.
  3. A domain name and platform– I already had the business name of Moms Go To Durham so the domain name of MomsgotoDurham.com was logical to use. As for a platform, Wix.com was user-friendly with different templates to use.
  4. Marketing and branding-I knew I need a certain look and I thought that regular moms and children from Durham Region would be a great place to start. I hired a photographer and a makeup artist. So with 3 other moms and their children, we shot over 200 photos for Moms Go To Durham.
  5. Sponsors Without sponsors, I am not able to pay for any online memberships or subscriptions. It costs $89 annually to keep meetup.com. I pay for sponsored posts regularly which are $16-$50 per month on facebook. I’ll speak more about this in another blog.
  6. A facebook page: the page was an official business page for everyone to see what our business is about. Anyone can subscribe to our events and know what’s going on in our community.
  7. A facebook group: What’s different about the group is that it is an amazing place for moms to connect with each other. It’s also a place where I can find out what our moms want in our community.
  8. Events: Running all our programs came from a lot of trial and error. I’ve made a lot of mistakes being on my own, but I am able to better understand my own capabilities.
  9. The will– It’s no secret that I struggle a lot with my own family obstacles and running this community makes a very rewarding place for me. I currently work full-time so it’s difficult for me to find the balance of everything. Good news is that I am always working on it.

Taking a look back to move forward

I have made a huge amount of mistakes in my first year and I know I will continue to.  Many of you follow what goes on our events page but do not know the hardships I’ve endured to accomplish it. Marketing, website, and an assistant later all cost money plus time away from my children. This is my battle and my mountain that I climb each and every day. Sometimes you’ll see I am making it a few feet higher, sometimes you’ll see that I have slipped and fallen. No matter the type of day or week I’m having, my highlight is watching our moms making lasting connections.  Many times I hear ‘thank you” for the work that I’ve done and that’s all I need.

If I can change just one mom from taking her life from post-partum depression then I have done my very best here on Earth. This is my calling and my purpose and what I was created to do.  I don’t claim to be perfect. In fact in my videos you’ll see a very real part of me that’s vulnerable, but I do so because all of you can know I am authentic.

Please remember that you can do whatever it is that you want out of life. You do not deserve to be judged for the decisions you make for yourself and your family. Each mother deserves a place where she can go to be heard, loved, and accepted as she is. Let us be that for you. Help us to create the best mom community in Durham Region.

We thank you for your continued support. Please watch us grow and flourish. This is only the beginning; we have so much more to do!

Remember: “You are always home with me” –Jemi Smith