If you are a new mom you may be wondering, what is a Strollerwalk? Today we’ll explain why, what, how, where, and when. Strollerwalks are a great way to meet new moms. It’s free so anyone can join no matter their income level. All you need is a stroller, a child, or a carrier to join. So let’s explore everything you need to know about our Strollerwalks.

What is a Strollerwalk?
A Sstrollerwalk is primarily a group of moms walking together in either a mall or a park.
Why would you join a Strollerwalk?
One of the biggest mistakes new moms make in the beginning of their new role is to stay home in fear of (fill in the blank here). This is one of the fastest ways moms spiral down into postpartum depression. We keep our Strollerwalks free so that all moms are welcome to join in.
What are the benefits?
  • they are free so there’s no cost to meeting new moms and creating new relationships
  • since this is a regular weekly program you are able to create those genuine connections and both your babies can grow up together
  • you have an excuse to get out with the baby, even if it’s just to get out of your house
  • decreases the chances of postpartum depression
  • light exercise after baby
  • you get a free welcome package at your first Strollerwalk
Where and when are they?
We provide two regular Strollerwalks. During the warmer times, we have more locations, Our regular Strollerwalks are during September-May. We typically meet at 10:00 am at two different malls. We have our east one at the Oshawa Centre and our west one at the Pickering Town Centre. Monday is usually our Oshawa walks. Wednesday is usually our Pickering one.***UPDATE***THERE IS CURRENTLY NO PICKERING STROLLERWALKS
Before joining, please make sure you look at the events page to confirm details. (Please link to the events page here)
How do you register?
Most of our free programs are on meetup.com and facebook. You can register on either platform. You can also email info@momsgotodurham.com to let them know you are joining to that the host can count you in.

What can we expect at these walks?
The first thing that will happen is that you will meet at a certain point. Your host will greet you and give you a welcome package if it is the first time you are joining. There will be a quick intro of your name and baby’s name and age of baby. We walk in twos and do several rounds. After that, we nurse/feed baby then have lunch. That’s it!
Hope this was helpful for you. We are here for you so please feel free to let us know if you have any questions at info@momsgotodurham.com.
Have you joined our Strollerwalk before? Leave a comment to let us know if you found it helpful or not.

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