Very little of what I do is done by fluke anymore. I analyze research results to receive the most accurate information so we can give the best products for our moms. What does that all mean? It means that I want our programs to be relevant to your needs. We at Moms Go To Durham care about what your needs and desires are and we want to give you what you are looking for. So the results are in!
Here are some things we’ve picked up on our research:
  1. There are almost equal amounts of stay-at-home moms or SAHM than there are working moms. (20 hours or more)
  2. Most moms are looking for opportunities to meet more moms
  3. There is a demand for musical programs in our area and most are willing to pay between $50-$75 for a regular program.
  4. There are lots of paid programs for toddlers and lots of free programs for toddlers but moms would love an educational toddler program if they knew more information about it.
  5. Most moms will buy books from the bookstore or online and are not interested in having someone come to their home. They just choose books mostly by random, and sometimes by recommendations
  6. Our working moms are looking for programs they can bring their toddler to that’s outside the regular working hours
Wow! That’s a lot of information we got from just a simple 6 question survey. We used Survey Monkey (link to¬† to host our questions. It was really easy to do. Very useful information.
So let’s dig deeper into how we are creating our program
Our vision is to create a paid regular program that invites caregivers and children to interact with educational activities. With a structured theme in place and an Early Childhood Educator to lead, we can learn together int a fun environment. Our goal to give parents tools and resources to teach their children as well as create memorable experiences for both.
After gathering the information it would seem that the idea of an educational program is needed. There is an open market for working moms that still would like to meet other moms, plus participate in toddler activities. It is our job now to find a happy medium. A highlight would be the educational piece of the program but would be centred around mothers bonding with other mothers. The cost of the program would be $50-$75 for 4 weeks.