What is Moms Go To Durham?
Moms Go To Durham is an organization dedicated to offering specialized programs for mothers and their children. They are made of the owner, Jemi Smith, and the volunteer hosts that facilitate the free programs. Our goal is to be the most loving, inclusive and supportive motherhood network within Durham Region.
How do you get paid?
Although it is true we run a lot of programs for free, we are not a non-profit organization. We use a variety of different income streams to ensure we are able to continue our reach. The most common stream of income comes from businesses that cater to moms through sponsorship, online ad space, various other ways we promote small businesses. We have now added a DONATE BUTTON (please like to PayPal) for individuals or organizations that would like to help fund our efforts. Some of our events are paid events which bring in revenue. Soon we are adding regular paid programs like our educational toddler programs.
The newest way we bring in money is through our various products we believe in and use on a regular basis. Moms Go To Durham showcases many different products including educational toys through Discovery Toys (www.discoverytoys.com/JemiSmith), and Usborne Books (https://www.usbornebooksathome.ca/). Very soon we will also add natural products like natural diaper ointment and green cleaning products.
There are so many different programs that cater to moms and their children already in Durham Region, why further the reach?
Yes, there are so many different ones already but what we found was there was not a single place for moms to know about all of them or a place where moms can connect on a supportive level. We noticed a great division in types of moms and we wanted these moms to remember that at the core of our journey, no matter our decisions, that we are still all moms. Since a lot of the programs out there are geared for the children, not really interaction between the moms, we decided to create it. Moms Go To Durham was born on a single need of a loving and supportive mom group.
It’s difficult for me to get out and meet new people. How do I know where to find your group?
All our hosts are trained to meet each mom with a smile and warm welcome. They give their business card (if they have one) so that all moms can contact them no matter the issue. Usually, during our Strollerwalks, we are a big group of moms with strollers (sometimes 10 or more) and you can’t miss us! Look for our logo somewhere, it may be a banner or a t-shirt from whoever is facilitating the event.
I have a business and I would like to promote to your group. How do I do this?
We have many businesses trying to promote their business on our Facebook group and our Facebook page, we do not allow this. Our group is a safe place for moms to communicate, and our Facebook page is only for our business posts and posts for our sponsors. With that being said, we do have various ways for your business to be highlighted through Moms Go To Durham and you can learn about the different forms at our sponsorship page. (please link to sponsorship page) All other inquiries please emailĀ info@momsgotodurham.com.
I have a great idea for an event and I would like to try it through your group. How do I do this?
We love hearing ideas from our moms. It’s important to us that you get what you are looking for through your motherhood journey and we know that meeting other moms is high on the priority list. The first thing we do is put out the idea to the group is see if it is a viable idea. The second if it is a great idea and many people are interested, then we decide on time and location, then off we go putting it together. It usually starts in the form a Facebook event.

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