It’s no surprise that I hired an organization to help me with my look and feel for the business. When I was asking my Facebook friends about referrals, Brand Ambition came highly recommended. After meeting with them during a consultation, it inspired me. Brand Ambition spoke to me with respect as a business owner, even when I told them I was a mom blogger. In the business world, the real world, mom blogging is looked at as a hobby. Something that was for stay-at-home moms that wanted to rant and rave about their kids and products they were using.
Now in this day in age thousands of moms are blogging and creating real income online. Katie taught me there’s a formula to online success and part of that success is fantastic branding. So I hired Brand Ambition to create my ambition vision.
Here’s what I came up with in 25 seconds on at the very beginning
This is what I used for the very first stages of my business. Pretty bad, huh? What can I say, I am NOT a graphic designer. It was easy, clear, and related to something kid-friendly. I knew this wasn’t going to be my logo forever, but I did need something for facebook, meetup, and my blog I had on WIX. Everything functioned for the first few months but if I wanted to get serious about creating a real business, then I would have to get serious about a real look.
My next thing was to create a set of photos that would represent what Moms Go To Durham was all about. I didn’t want all the photos to be of me and my children because I personally am not one for the limelight and also photos of me would not showcase the inclusive feel I was going for. What happened next is I found 3 other moms with children of different ages and are of different ethnic background to show what we are all about. Those are all the photos you see now on our website, social media, and marketing material.
This is what I used next to a banner:
Most of you will recognize this banner because I still currently use it for my facebook banners. I really loved how the photos came together. Coincidentally all of us had similar colours for this shot. It was not intended but it came out nicely in the end. I paid for a makeup artist, Pamela Price from PricelessBeauty ( and I paid the photographer Infinity Images, whom I used for my maternity photos and newborn photos as well. (
One thing Katie suggested to me was to show my journey on social media. Get my followers involved in creating my branding and such. So I did that. How did I do that may you ask? I simply asked for help on choosing which colour palettes and which words the would best associate with a mom community. The winners were #4 and girlfriend.
These were the choices:
So with that, I had colours for the new branding and the feel that we were going with. This was enough to start the vision of what is Moms Go To Durham.
From here there were a few revisions before we got to the final product. There were a few vision boards that needed tweaking and again I enlisted the help of my followers.
Here were the choices:

This was a fun process for me. It was like I was seeing the fruition of what once was nothing. My vision was growing and it was starting to feel very real to me. It was no longer something I wanted to do but something I am really doing. The board that won was the GOLD board at the end. Our followers really loved the grey and dark plum and feel of joyful joyful. It was a very tough decision and I am so happy that I didn’t it alone.
Next was the logo. This was a bit trickier because that would really be what we will be known for. When people see our logo, they will know exactly want we do. I was looking for a  something that would include various ages of children to show that we cater to moms in different stages of motherhood.

From this you can tell which one I chose. I did like the number 2 logo but I thought that a more simple logo would look better. This is where our branding started. All the colours, logos, and marketing material started from this. I was ecstatic to finally find a logo. Especially one that was so far from the one I created in the beginning.
The last year has represented alot of highs for me. I did not expect for Moms Go To Durham to be growing at the rate it is growing. Katie told me at the very beginning to embrace my role and own this (and I use this VERY loosely) local celebrity status. There have been times in public that people recognize who I am or they recognize my children. Is it weird? At first it was but I am accepting that my life is not my own anymore. I’ve realized that this mom community is far more important than ¬†what I am comfortable with.
That’s our branding story in a nut shell. It was so gratifying to watch all this flourish. This is only the beginning and I am so excited to see where we are going to go from here. Thank you so much for following me on my journey. Stay tuned to see what else we have in store!

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