So many times our moms have told us that they need more opportunities to meet new moms. When becoming a new mom, it can be very confusing and sometimes isolating. I’ve heard some moms have not come out until the baby is 6 months or even a year old due to so many questions and concerns. This is a long time not see the world with baby. The mom community can be a great place to seek some answers and also to feel like you’re part of a family.

So why make mom friends?

There’s something about feeling validated as a mom that is so fulfilling. For me, I know my husband and I see parenting in two very different glasses. He needs to provide for the family, I need to carry the family and home (and provide as well). Not to say my husband isn’t a fantastic father, it’s just when he’s home, he spends time with his boys, then he goes off to work without feeling guilty. With me, when I worked full-time, dropping off my children to someone else when they cried for me broke my heart and I had this uncontrollable amount of sadness. When we would talk about it, he didn’t understand it. But I knew that my mom friends not only would understand but uplift me in ways that only women can.

“When women choose to empower eachother, amazing things happen“-Jemi Smith

It’s in our bond as mothers that we create lifelong friends. We all share common heartfelt emotions and everyday struggles.  I never knew what Moms Go To Durham would mean to me until I saw the moms making friends and myself making new friends.

I get emotional when I think about it because 25% of our moms suffer form postpartum depression. Having regular free programs that moms can just go and feel relaxed about going makes such a huge difference. We can be ourselves and not feel judged about our decisions as mothers. No breastfeeding vs bottle feeding debate, no cry-it-out method vs co-sharing method. We can open our hearts to eachother and just appreciate motherhood together. So let’s take a look at how you can make these connections too.

Here are some great tips to take with you when you come to our events:

  1. Introduce yourself and baby: State your name, baby’s name, and age
  2. Find a mama that has a baby same age as yourself: when you match yourself with mamas around your baby’s age, you’ll get that instant bonding because you most likely have the same concerns and questions
  3. Leave your judgement at home: Our programs are inclusive and we do not tolerate any discrimination.
  4. Learn about our events before you come: You can find that each event has it’s own blog post and a description of what to expect.
  5. Stay in contact: if you think you made a connection, feel free to ask if you can stay connected through facebook or exchange cellphone numbers
  6. Become active: many of our moms create very strong bonds because they see eachother all the time. This is why we create regular meetups.

There’s no real way to make those connections other than to come out to the events and meet the moms in person. We accept you as you are and we would love to meet you and your little one(s). To see our full list of events please check out our facebook page at

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