I get asked alot about starting a mom blog. I didn’t start Moms Go To Durham with a need for
money or perks, it just kind of grew there. I think it’s about time we talk about what perks I get from
promoting businesses and how, if you’d like, I can teach you to do the same. If you follow Moms Go To Durham, you’ll know that we work with many different businesses to get programs and events that matter to you. Some I get compensation for, some I do not, and some I am working towards a financial relationship. Whatever the case is, you as my reader, may have an interest on how it all works. 

**Just an added note that I sell ad space on my Facebook page renting out my banner and selling pinned ad space.My website makes money through sponsorship. I also sell ad space for email blasts.
My next move is selling products in the new year, a membership for exclusive events and discounts, and affiliate marketing (getting a percentage of a sale when promoting a product or service that I love).

In the name of this blog, I’m going to talk specifically of some of the relationships I do have with businesses right now. I will talk more about how I come about reaching these relationships and if you would to know more on how to do it yourself, we can do that as well. As I write this blog, November is one of the busiest months for events I have ever had. There’s more than 15 events on my calendar happening and I am a one woman show organizing. I do have a volunteer leading our Oshawa Strollerwalks and another volunteer leading our Pickering strollerwalks.

Let’s talk about our New Moms Support Group. This relationship is a purely a collaboration relationship. Many times I have the following that businesses are looking to reach and approach me. Cerita from Homebound Wellness Centre and I have a working relationship where we partner to provide the New Moms Support Group. She gets to provide a service that she is passionate about and knowledgeable about and I get to organize a service that our moms really need. Please learn more here: http://www.homeboundwellnesscentre.com/services

Next I have a relationship with Goodlife Oshawa. I personally love this gym and have been attending for more than 6 years (before Moms Go To Durham). Since our strollerwalks started in Oshawa, I approached Goodlife to give our moms free passes, waterbottles, and more. This started a relationship with a sales associate; Shaylene. Shay and I work together well and I truly trust her with any of our moms that are interested in joining the gym. I get compensated in terms of a vendor membership for sending information to our moms. I do mention again here that I am a HUGE fan of Goodlife Oshawa My kids enjoy their childminding area and have been attending since 6 weeks old. My personal favourite thing to do at this facility is punching the bag. It really helps get my mind in the right place. I recommend speaking to Shaylene from the Oshawa Centre Goodlife for all your needs. Please call them here: (905) 433-1665. Check them out here: https://www.goodlifefitness.com/locations/ontario/oshawa/centre-mall

In keeping with the fitness theme, I also have a relationship with Women’s Fitness Clubs of Canada Ajax. This is my East End contact for a gym facility. Jenny McCoy was the manager at the time and invited me to their grand opening. I personally took a tour to see what this facility was about. I instantly fell in LOVE. Everything was so brand new. The equipment was shiny. The showers were spa-like and beautiful. The lookers didn’t need locks. The cardio equipment had individual TVs that I can watch my own PERSONAL Netflix! Which meant that I can watch my favourite shows with no interruptions. Childminding is available at both Durham locations with access to a video camera so you can see your children in real time while on cardio equipment. The staff were always friendly and helpful. I love this gym as well! Our relationship comes from me sharing our Moms Go To Durham corporate discount and I receive a vendor membership as well. I have planned a Fitness Party this month for our moms to try for free and it’s been super popular event with the moms.

One of my favourite local clothing brands is Blush.ca. They are 2 local mamas that own a clothing line and operate from Bomanville. The moment I saw their Instagram profile, I instantly fell in love with everything they put out! Their whole line was so simple, modest, and very stylish. Also their prices were very reasonable as well. I approached them asking for a discount in return I would promote them on our social media channels. Plus they gave us a code for you to receive a discount as well. I was ESTATIC! I’m hoping to continue this relationship but it’s up in the air at the moment. Shop them here: https://shopblush.ca/

Sometimes organizing the moms group has had its perks. During some of our programs, I have had either my event tickets free or my coffee/tea free. I’ve also had my car detailed in return for a shout on our social media one time. Another time I’ve been offered to have my photos taken for some social media coverage as well. There’s many different ways that I have been compensated for my time and effort. Through my two and half years I have been connected to hundreds of businesses and I am so very humbled by the experience. I wanted to disclose what happens behind the scene when I partner with some businesses. If you would like to know more about a specific business, please let me know. Interested in some coverage, please email me at info@momsgotodurham.com

Want to learn how you can do the same? Comment below what interests you the most or any questions you’d like answered.

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