Creating programs our community needs comes from a place of pure love. Many times I would look into my own journey and try to find answers and I had no idea where to go or where to start. My mother lived in a different time when she was parenting me and a lot of the information we have now was not available when I was younger. The present has an abundance on contradicting information, lots of strong opinions, and a real fear of shaming online. What a world we live in!

When I first started the Moms Go To Durham journey,  we met at a weekly coffee and baby meetup. We met, had cupcakes, vented, and in the end some moms still had burning concerns that I could not answer. This breathed life into the need for a “support group”.  It was Cerita that contacted me years ago about her amazing postpartum home services. 

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When we met, there was an instant connection. Cerita was passionate, educated, and a very driven mompreneur. Her experience was invaluable and her enthusiasm was infectious.

During our meeting it was Cerita, Prince (Cerita’s husband), myself and my tiny 3 month old baby. I was nervous because I never know how these meetings go and here I am trying to make something work with a baby. There was a feeling in my heart that I knew I had to create something with this wonderful lady so together we can change lives. No one was doing a support group for new moms and we’ve been fortunate enough to see it all grow.

Many of the moms appreciated the amazing information they received. It was such a fulfilling feeling to see something flourish. Being a new mom is hard work! I truly believe it takes a village to raise a child. I’ve watched mothers grow from scared to confident in raising their children because of this group.

What I have taken from participating from the group is that no matter what stage we are in our motherhood journey, we all understand the stresses that come with parenting. Working with Cerita has been a partnership that I can never give enough thanks to. This journey is so much better when there’s people around you that love their job as much as you do. Everyday we can to uplift women. When we change a mother from being isolated to being active in a supportive group not only changes her life, but her child’s.

You deserve to be part of a place that understands you. You deserve a place that will hug you when you need it, dry your tears when you hurt, and tell you it will be ok. Don’t get me wrong, the New Mom Support Group answers a multitude of different subjects, but at the end of it you come out feeling loved.
My hope is that through this program you will learn and grow with your baby. My vision is to change what mothers think of themselves. Motherhood can take so much of us and we never put back what is taken. Take the hour each week for yourself. It’s free.

To register please call Cerita at (416)899-8744 or (905)426-3300. You can find more information on her website here:


Honestly it truly has helped me as a mom. Being a first time mom and not knowing anything about babies development lol it is just so great to have a registered nurse to talk to and ask questions. Cerita has so much experience and knowledge it’s so comforting. And to hear other moms going through similar situations is just reassuring that I wasn’t the only one. And of course that it will always get better. That was the support I received from this amazing group.” Amanda

its been a great way to meet other new moms in the area and find out great information from a nurse about what our babies need as they grow.” Victoria

It’s one of the best if not the best group I joined since becoming a mom. I loved that I never felt like I was being judged and everything I said was in full confidentiality. No matter how I felt before attending each session, Cerita and the other moms ALWAYS made me feel even better about myself after leaving each session. It was the one group/program I looked forward to going to each week.“Amanda H


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